6 Best Clippers for Shaving Head 2022

Whether your hairline is receding, balding or even if you’re tired of having to style your hair every morning, a clipper is the solution for you. The best clippers for shaving head allow you to easily trim your hair within minutes and with little to no experience needed. Literally anyone can shave their own head.

While shaving your head is rather simple, there are still a few reasons to choose a higher quality trimmer. Good quality clippers can cut more hair in fewer passes and won’t leave stray hairs behind. Knowing which clipper to buy isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together a list of the best clippers for people who want to shave their head.

Top 6 Head Shaving Clippers Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010Corded$$$4.5
2. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper ProCordless$$$4.5
3. Oster Model 10 Heavy Duty Detachable Blade ClipperCorded$$$4.3
4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110Corded$$4.3
5. Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper #79600-2101Cordless$$4.2
6. Andis Master Hair ClipperCorded$$$4.0

Choosing the Best Clippers for Shaving Head

Opting for a head shaving clipper is an excellent choice. They allow you to save time and money, while still providing you with a great hair cut. Buzz cuts and shaved heads are trendy and look great; many guys who don’t even lose their hair naturally prefer the simplicity of a shaved head.

While shaving your head comes with a ton of advantages, you will still need to put some effort into finding the best clippers for shaving head. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for head shaving clippers.

  • Closeness. If you want a very short shave, you’re going to want to choose a clipper that provides extreme closeness. This will prevent you from having to pass with a razor afterwards. For instance, the 00000 blades for Oster clippers provide you with a shave that looks like it was achieved by a razor blade.
  • Power. One of the most important things to consider is the power. If you have thick hair, you might want to choose a corded shaver because they offer much more power. This allows it to cut through thick and long hair with more ease.
  • Versatility. If you’re looking for a head shaver that you can easily bring along with you on the go, a cordless shaver is the best option. They can be used anywhere and most can last up to an hour on a single charge.
  • Durability. The housing of the shaver should be of great quality. You want to make sure that it will hold up for years to come. Quality shavers come in metal housings and can last for decades without breaking down.

Top 3 Best Head Shaving Clippers Reviews

1. Oster Classic 76

At the top of the list is the notorious Oster Classic 76. This head shaving clipper is one of the classics that’s used by salon professionals and barbers worldwide. The powerful single-speed universal motor provides an even shave and requires fewer passes for a clean and smooth result.

The durable and unbreakable housing makes this clipper one of the most durable and long-lasting models available on the market. It will last for many years to come no matter how often you use it.

The Oster Classic 76 comes with a 9-foot power cord and the ability to quickly swap out blade sizes while in use. If you’re looking for a high quality and professional grade head shaving clipper, this is the one for you.

2. Philips Norelco QC5580/40

If versatility is important to you, you’re going to love the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 clipper. It comes with various attachments, allowing you to shave your head as close as you like and you can even trim your beard.

As a do-it-yourself clipper, it’s ergonomically designed to be held in complete comfort. This clipper is ideal for people who shave their own heads because the unique design makes it easier to trim hard to reach areas.

The Philips Norelco QC5580/40 clipper has an outstanding battery life of 60 minutes of cordless use per charge. It comes with 14 different built-in length selectors and can be fully washed under water.

3. Oster Model 10

Another excellent option when searching for a professional grade clipper is the Oster Model 10. Much like the Oster Classic 76, this clipper is built from unbreakable housing and provides an incredibly powerful motor that’s built to last.

This clipper is smaller than the 76, making it the better choice for people with smaller hands. The 10-foot power cord makes it easy for you to clip your hair without having to use extension cords.

The Oster Model 10 is a powerful machine that comes with detachable blades. You can quickly swap blades while the clipper is running, saving you time during your shaves. If you’re looking for one of the highest quality clippers for shaving head, you will love the Model 10 by Oster.

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