10 Best Electric Razors for Men 2022

It’s amazing to see the difference in a man’s shaving experience once he starts paying attention to the utensils and products he uses.

Safety razors, disposable razors, electric razors or straight razors, it makes no difference. Once you find the right tool that works for you, shaving becomes a pleasure rather than a form of torture for your face and skin.

In our guide below, we’ll be highlighting electric razors: the ideal choice for the man on the go or who doesn’t have the patience for standard safety razors.

Find out which made the cut (pun intended!) and which didn’t as we help you decide which is the best electric razor for men on today’s shaving market.

The Choices

There are two main razor styles to choose from if you’ve chosen to go the “electric” route: rotary or foil.

Many of you probably already knew this, but let’s take a closer look at the differences between them in order to see which one will work for your shaving needs:

  • Rotary. Rotary blades move in a circular motion, making them ideal for thick facial hair or for trimming.

Many have flexible heads (some with two heads, others with three or even four) that move up and down as you shave, allowing them to contour to the shape of your face. This provides you with a closer shave in those problematic areas, such as the chin.

Of the two styles, this won’t offer you as close of a shave as a foil, but there are many great rotary shavers that can be used both wet and dry. This means that you can still get a pretty close shave from a rotary shaver if you choose a quality model.

Philips Norelco tends to dominate the rotary shaver category with their models, with both high-end and standard options available.

  • Foil. In a foil shaver, the blades are covered with a thin piece of curved metal foil and the blades move side to side rather than in a circular motion. The side-to-side cutting motion provides you with a closer shave than most rotary shavers, and this style works best on curly, stubborn facial hair. These are also great for head shaves and for those with sensitive skin (rotary shavers tend to irritate the skin more than foil shavers).

The most popular brands of foil shavers include Panasonic, Braun and Wahl. Remington also makes foil shavers, but they just don’t perform as well as the other brands.

Top 10 Electric Shavers for Men Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric RazorFoil$$$$4.5
2. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil ShaverFoil$$$$4.4
3. Philips Norelco Electric shaver 3100Rotary$$4.4
4. Wahl Lithium Ion Foil Shaver - 7061-100Foil$$4.4
5. Braun Series 3 3040s Electric ShaverFoil$$$4.3
6. Philips Norelco AT895/41 Shaver 4900Rotary$$$4.3
7. Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaverFoil/ Trimmer$4.3
8. Philips Norelco Shaver 6400Rotary$$$4.2
9. Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click and Style Shave ToolkitFoil Rotary Trimmer$$4.1
10. Wahl Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver ShaperFoil$$3.8

The Particulars

Once you’ve determined whether you prefer a foil shaver or a rotary shaver, there are plenty of other details you’ll need to look at when choosing:

  • Wet or Dry Shave. Some shavers can be used for both wet and dry shaves, while others are dry-shave only.

Wet/dry shavers are ideal since you have the option to shave in the shower or even in the office when you need a quick touch up on the 5 o’clock shadow, but if you dry-shave only, you can probably save yourself a few bucks by choosing a simpler dry shave razor with good blades.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase refill cleaning solution or refill cleaning cartridges (it depends on the model), which can add to the overall maintenance expense.

  • Your Skin and Beard Type. Always take your skin and beard texture into consideration as you choose your weapon of choice.

As we mentioned, foil shavers offer you a closer shave and they usually work best on sensitive skin. Some guys have better luck with a rotary shaver on sensitive skin, but most prefer a foil.

If you have sideburns or areas that you need to trim, then make sure you get a shaver with a trimmer tool on the back.

If you’re a man who likes choices and you don’t need a super close shave, then check out the Philips Norelco Click and Style Shaver. It has three heads: rotary, foil and trimmer. Shave your face, trim your beard or clean up the details without having to purchase three separate shavers.

Understand How Shavers Are Marketed

As you hunt for the best electric razor for men, you’ll probably notice that manufacturers offer quite a few “series” of razors.

What’s the difference between all of them?

Very little, to put it frankly.

We’re not referring to the entry-level model vs. the top of the line model, but rather the new versions of the same shaver that are released within a series.

When it comes down to the wire (literally), the main features are the same.

New models are released because a few flaws were found in the previous model, so the manufacturer addresses and fixes them. They usually update the look while they’re at it, too.

The price goes up even if the change is very small minute, so it’s important to find out what users are saying about all versions if you’re wondering what exactly the differences are.

Final Tip

Guys, no matter how good of a shaver you buy, the results aren’t going to be “like the dude in the picture” if you don’t take care of your skin.

Proper pre-shave skin care (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and occasional exfoliator) is really important, as is your post-shave routine.

Not sure what to put on your face? Then look into it! There are many great products that won’t leave you smelling like grandma’s rose garden but that help you address your underlying skin issues.

Good skin care is for everyone!

Top 5 Best Electric Razor for Men Reviews

1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

If we had to pick the best electric razor for men who prefer a foil shaver, this would be it.

The Arc5 features five cutting blades for maximum hair removal power and they are also flexible, allowing you to glide over your chin and jawline with ease.

One of the most unique features about this one is that it has a shaving sensor that regulates itself based on the amount of hair it is passing over. For thicker patches of hair, the blades cut at a higher amplitude in order to comfortably remove all of the hair. Once you reach a thinner patch of hair (of if you have a thin beard), the amplitude is smaller in order to prevent being too aggressive on the skin.

At 14,000 rotations per minute, this has the power you need to leave you smooth skin without the irritation.

The fact that you can wet shave or dry shave, it comes with a cleaning station and shaving sensory feature makes it our top pick for the list.

2. Braun Series 7 (790cc-4) Foil Shaver

Panasonic has some stiff competition in the foil razor department, because this Braun model is similar in price and features.

One of the main differences you’ll notice is the number of blades: this one has two compared to the powerful five-blade system of the Panasonic above. It is slightly less powerful at 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute (it will increase to this speed when you pass over thicker patches of hair).

Here you have the option to manually change the shaving mode so you can sensitive or turbo mode, plus it also has intelligent sonic technology that will increase the speed over thicker patches (same as the Panasonic).

So between the two, which is better? In terms of features, the previous one is pretty impressive, but the Braun here has been tested by hundreds of thousands of guys out there and the majority will agree that it is a solid investment.

Tough choice! They’re both good, so if you have any doubts, this is the most popular choice of the two.

3. Philips Norelco 3100

The Philips Norelco 3100 is a simple rotary shaver for those of you who strictly stick to dry shaving: ideal for those of you with sideburns and a moustache to maintain.

This features three flexible rotary blades and all of the standard features that you’d expect from a shaver in this category: 40 minutes of cordless shaving, 8-hour charge time, safe to rinse under the faucet and a lithium-ion battery.

If you’re a guy who just wants remove facial hair and you’re not interested in all of the bells and whistles (nor the high price tag), this will be a good fit for you.

Simple and gets the job done.

4. Braun Old Spice We & Dry Shaver

This is another “simple and gets the job done” shaver, but with foil blades rather than rotary. This also works as a wet shaver and a dry shaver, while the other one was for dry shaves only.

It’s kind of a do-it-all shaver if you don’t want a bunch of utensils cluttering up your bathroom. This works as a foil shaver, it has an adjustable beard guard with four settings, a detail guard for trimming eyebrows and dual precision trimmers for narrow areas.

If you have a shorter beard or stubble (1-6mm in length), then this will probably provide you with the results you’re looking for. This isn’t designed for longer facial hair.

Not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you!

5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

This is the most expensive rotary shaver on our list that has many similar features as number 1 and number 2 above.

It has a smart clean system that cleans and lubricates the shaver, you can use it both wet and dry and it contours slightly better than the other two (they flex outward, pivot around and tilt inward to really follow the curves of your face).

This is great if you have a beard that you want to maintain since it comes with a click-on beard styler (five length settings to choose from).

If you already know that a rotary shaver works best on your beard and you’re looking for an impressive shaving machine that you can use both wet and dry, this will meet your needs.

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