6 Best Burberry Colognes 2022

Usually trying a new fragrance consists of you spritzing a little fragrance on yourself at the duty free store in an airport and then heading off to catch your flight or else opening a sample patch in a magazine to smell the promoted fragrance.

You spray or rub, you whiff, and then you come to a conclusion: “This smells awful!” or “Wow! I’ll have to get some of this!”

If you’ve done any of the above with a Burberry fragrance, then you’ll want to have a look at our list below. We highlight the top picks from the Burberry men’s fragrance line and provide you with a more in-depth look at fragrance shopping in general.

You’ll be a cologne pro in no time.

Before You Choose

As you shop, you might want to take the following things into consideration so that you can narrow down the choices more quickly:

  • Occasion. Do you need a daytime fragrance to wear to work or something a little more important for the evening or formal occasions? It’s usually better to go lighter during the day and stronger for formal occasions.
  • Type of Fragrance. Do you want an actual cologne or would you be better off with an eau de toilette or eau de parfum? We’ll be explaining the differences below and talk more about the best Burberry “cologne” vs eau de toilette and other fragrances, so be sure to scroll down to find out more about this.

Top 6 Burberry Colognes Table

PictureNameTypeQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. BURBERRY Touch for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$$$4.8
2. BURBERRY London for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$4.6
3. BURBERRY Brit for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$$4.6
4. BURBERRY Weekend for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$$$4.4
5. BURBERRY for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$$$$4.3
6. BURBERRY The Beat for MenEau de Toilette3.3 oz.$4.2

Understanding Fragrances

You’ll notice that we’ve used the term “fragrance” and “cologne” throughout the article. You’ll also notice that we’ve listed “eau de toilette” in our table above.

It’s important for you to understand the difference between the words since what you call “cologne” is probably not even a cologne at all. Let us explain…

Each bottle contains a certain concentration of essences in it: the higher the percentage, the higher the price tag.

  • Perfume. Contains 20-30% concentration and lasts around 12 hours
  • Eau de Parfum. Contains 15-20% concentration and lasts around 6-8 hours
  • Eau de Toilette. Contains 5-15% concentration and lasts 4-6 hours
  • Eau de Cologne. Contains 2-4% concentration and lasts 3-4 hours

Burberry, as you’ll notice, only has eau de toilette fragrances and not actual cologne.

Understanding Notes

Burberry fragrances seem to have more top notes and heart notes noticeable than the base notes.

What are these exactly? Here is the explanation:

  • Top Notes. These are the scents you detect immediately after spraying a fragrance.
  • Heart Notes. Once the top note scents have dissipated, you’ll begin to detect the second “layer” of scents known as heart notes (or middle notes).
  • Base Notes. Lastly, you’ll detect the base notes, which come out just as the heart notes start to disappear.

Sometimes the entire process from top to base takes several hours, which is why you should never judge a fragrance on first spray alone!

Top 3 Best Burberry Cologne Reviews

1. BURBERRY Touch for Men

The majority of Burberry fans agree that Touch is the best Burberry cologne – or in this case, eau de toilette – of them all.

General Description. Masculine scent. Very woody and musky

  • Top Notes. Artemisia, mandarin tree and violet leaves
  • Heart Notes. Nutmeg, Virginia cedar wood and white pepper
  • Uses. This makes an excellent daytime fragrance in casual settings. It is light, perfect for spring or summertime.

2. BURBERRY London for Men

London is a warmer fragrance with a touch of sweetness at the end: the epitome of manliness.

General Description. This is a more important fragrance that will give you an equally important air of sophistication.

  • Top Notes. Bergamot, lavender, warm cinnamon
  • Heart Notes. Mimosa and leather
  • Uses. Great for more important occasions (an evening out on the town or formal event). The scent is strong, perhaps too strong for some, but a little goes a long way.

3. BURBERRY Brit for Men

This is another warm fragrance that could work in a variety of settings. It’s fresh, masculine and sexy.

General Description. This will give you the air of a true gentleman. It’s not too feminine yet offers you just the right touch of sweetness thanks to the notes of wild rose.

  • Top Notes. Bergamot, cardamom, green mandarin and ginger
  • Heart Notes. Cedar wood, nutmeg and wild rose
  • Base Notes. Grey musk and tonka bean

Uses. Some might wear it best during the daytime and it might suit others in the evening. Suggested for warmer months.

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