10 Best Pomades for Men 2022

Pomade. It’s your best friend in the hair styling department. That slick, smooth and shiny effect that it gives your hair is like no other product that you put on it.

Choosing one is a bit chaotic with all of the choices out there, which is why we’ve narrowed down the options to the ten best.

Find out how to choose it, how to use it and which are the top brands that guys like you trust their locks to on a daily basis.

Consider the Following

Before you choose a pomade for your do, consider the following.

  • Hold. Are you aiming for a firm, normal or flexible hold? Pomades offer more of a flexible hold compared to other styling products, and we’ll discuss the differences between all of them more in detail below.
  • Hair, Beard or Both? While a pomade is mainly used for styling your hair, it does have other uses.

Rub a small dab on your fingers and work it into a frizzy beard to tame the flyaway follicles.

Top 10 Pomades for Men Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Smooth Viking Pomade2 oz.$4.8
2. Layrite Super hold Pomade4 oz.$$4.5
3. AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade2.64 oz.$4.5
4. Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade Medium Hold100 ml$$$4.4
5. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold4 oz.$$4.4
6. American Crew Pomade3 oz.$$4.4
7. Jovinno Premium Natural Hair Styling Pomade5 oz.$$$4.4
8. Baxter of California Clay Pomade2 oz.$$$4.3
9. Imperial Classic Pomade6 oz.$$4.3
10. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade3.5 oz.$$$4.2

Pomade vs. Other Styling Products

Clays, pastes, waxes and gels. There are so many choices! Then there are the products that claim to be a pomade wax. So confusing!

Don’t worry, the differences aren’t that hard to understand. We’ll explain them for you:

  • Pomade. These offer shine to your hair with a light amount of hold. Some are petroleum based and others are water-based, and usually the best pomade for men (or anyone) are water-based. Easy to rinse!

They’re also great for slicking your hair down and when you want a smooth, even look. It leaves your hair soft and won’t dry out.

  • Pastes/Waxes/Clays. These are great for achieving a dry, matte look. They have a thicker consistency that offers a strong, stiff hold. Great for the moustache, too!
  • Gel. For the classic stiff, wet look, a gel will do the trick. Some gels offer a softer hold while others make your hair feel like a razor blade. Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, either one may be right for you.

How to Properly Use Pomade

If you want to reap the benefits of using a pomade, you need to apply it properly. Avoid creating deep trenches and valleys in your hair, which occur when it separates, by doing the following:

  1. Make sure to evenly coat all of your hair and not just the top. Work the pomade into your hands and then run your hands back and forth through your hair.

Don’t rush it, either. Take your time to really work it in and make sure that you’ve coated everything

  1. Next, you’ll begin combing in order to smooth and even things out again. Remember that the spacing between the comb’s teeth and the thickness of the teeth will give you different effects. A comb with thin teeth that are spaced close together will give you a finer look.

Combs with thicker teeth that are spaced father apart will leave more space between the groups of hair follicles.

Which Pomade Is Right for Me?

The type of pomade you choose, either water based or petroleum based, will depend on your hair type. If you have never tried pomade on your hair before, go to a store and see if they have testers of both kinds so you can try them out to see what kind of effect it has.

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error. If you end up with a pomade that you don’t like, keep it in your gym bag as an “emergency” pomade.

Top 5 Best Pomade for Men Reviews

1. Smooth Viking Medium Hold and High Shine

For a supreme shine and medium hold, get yourself a jar of Smooth Viking Pomade.

This does especially well on thick or curly hair, and allows you to achieve a variety of looks, whether you’re looking for formal and classy to messy and casual.

As a water based pomade, it will easily rinse out when you wash your hair at the end of the day. It’s versatile, too. Use just a small amount on your hair for more of a “matte” look, or turn up the shine by applying a generous amount to damp hair.

No matter what your goal is, some Smooth Viking Pomade will probably help you achieve it.

2. Layrite lr5400

Layrite is another great pomade brand that guys love. Thick, curly hair can easily be tamed by thoroughly rubbing this stuff in. It will provide you with a medium hold and like the previous pomade, allows you to get the perfect look every time. Start out with a small amount and work it into your hair. Comb and style as usual, and feel free to add more water and more pomade if you’re going for a slick, perfectly-coiffed hair style that will look flawless on your all day.

3. AXE 10079400339437

Layrite is anothe

For a lot of guys with average hair styling needs, the AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade is great. It’s reasonably priced and gets the job done.

It offers a medium hold and as always a shiny finish. Those with short to mid-length hair do best with this water-based pomade.

Get the shine you want without the “wet hair” look. This is a three pack so it will last you for quite a while!

4. Dapper Dan Medium Hold Medium Shine

Dapper Dan has been around since the 1920s, so they must be doing something right if heads of hair still proudly display it today! Hollywood stars have loved this product for decades, so why not become the star of your bathroom by having a jar of it in your hair drawer?

This is another water-based pomade that gives you the clean, shiny look you’re going for, offering you a medium-to-flexible hold. They have different formulas in their pomade line, some offering a firmer hold and more of a matte look, so if you’re not interested in the flexible, shiny look, check out some of the other great pomades they make!

Dapper Dan has withstood the test of time, which is why it rightfully earns its spot on our list of the best pomades for men.

5. Suavecito CV84

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Suavecito Pomade.

This is another water-based formula with a pleasant scent, offering you a strong grip, medium hardness and moderate shine.

For longer hair that you comb over or want to arrange into certain styles, this pomade works great. No white residue, no crunchy gel feel, just a smooth, soft hairdo that will have everyone wanting to run their fingers through it. Just tell them to back off, it took you a long time to comb it that way!

One thing about the scent is that it may be a bit too strong for some guys. Most likely your shaving cream, moisturizers, balms, aftershaves and cologne already have a scent, so if you don’t want to add one more into the mix, opt for something more mild. Number seven might be a good one for you!

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