10 Best Hair Gels for Men 2022

Buying a new hair gel can be a minefield; it’s always tough to figure out whether a new gel will leave your hair shiny and greasy looking, or dry and flaky. However, you needn’t fret about looking for your next hair-taming product.

If you’re looking for the best hair gel for men, you’ve come to the right place as our comprehensive guide will give you the lowdown about the best on the market.

What’s Your Hair Type?

It’s incredibly important to be able to identify your hair type before making a purchase of any kind of hair product. This is because all products have advantages and disadvantages, depending what kind of hair you have.

Those with afro style, or tightly ringleted hair, may not benefit from using hair gel as it won’t offer much hold or styling value. You instead will want to look into more matte products.

Those with thicker, or curlier, hair will need to investigate products that offer greater hold because if you choose a ‘lighter’ product you might not be able to achieve the style you desire.

On the other hand, those of you with thinner hair should really look for gels that offer light hold, because if you choose super strength formulas, you run the risk of weighing your hair down and making it look far too greasy.

Top 10 Hair Gels for Men Comparison Chart

PictureNameHold?PriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Style Sexy Hair Hard Up GelStrong hold$$$4.7
2. Gummy Hair GelMaximum hold$$4.7
3. American Crew Firm Hold Styling GelFirm hold$$$4.6
4. Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel, Medium HoldMedium hold$$4.6
5. Premium Styling Hair Gel for MenStrong hold$$4.6
6. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling GelExtra strong hold$$$4.5
7. Pantene Pro-V Stylers Max Hold GelStrong hold$4.5
8. AXE Spiked Up Look Hair GlueStrong hold$4.5
9. Clubman Styling Gel By Ed Pinaud for MenMedium strength hold$4.4
10. Hair Gel for Men Medium HoldMedium hold$$4.4

What’s all the Terminology?!

When it comes to hair products, there’s a ton of terminology that can make it confusing for the best of us. Whether you’ve been using gel for years, or are looking into buying some of the best hair gel for men for the first time, it’s crucial to know what on earth the packaging and advertising is talking about.

  • Hold. This refers to the strength of the gel and whether it will actually hold your hair in place. Those of you with thicker or curlier hair will definitely need to investigate strong hold gels, whereas thinner haired fellas should steer clear of super strong gel if possible.
  • Pliability. This term refers more to the flexibility of your hairstyle post-application of product. If something has high pliability, it means it can easily be reshaped and altered (which is great if you’re not so skilled at applying product and styling your hair on the first go!)
  • Finish. There are several terms that refer to how the gel will make you look once it is applied. Shine or wet look gels will add moisture and give a shiny finish. Tread carefully with hair gels like these, or you could end up looking like a poor man’s version of the T-Birds from Grease.

Matte or dry finish products tend to give a more natural appearance; however, most hair gels don’t fall into this category.

How to Use Hair Gel

Hair gel should preferably be applied to dry or lightly damp hair. Applying to wet hair won’t allow the product to work and dry effectively and it will also exacerbate the tendency of hair gel to look greasy and heavy.

To avoid that horrible flaky look, avoid touching your gelled hairstyle after it’s dried. Alternatively, make sure you’re not applying too much gel, because that will almost certainly end in over-flaking.

Top 5 Best Hair Gel for Men Reviews

1. Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel

Our by far and away winner was the Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel, which scored so high with our team of expert reviewers. It’s easy to see why as this offers style and strength all in one potent combination.

Ranked as a 10 for strength and hold, and a 9 for shine, this gel also has extra-flexibility meaning you can restyle without a care in the world. Imagine being able to change your style that easily, midway through the day. Plus, you don’t get that horrible spiky feeling to your hair!

For all round hold, appearance and user rating, this definitely comes highly recommended and would be great for the hair gel newbie or men with think, untamable hair.

2. Gummy Hair Gel

This professional, maximum level hold hair gel shares the top spot with Style Sexy Hair. While we gave this gel the runner up spot, it doesn’t mean it works any less than the previous gel.

Alcohol free and incredibly quick drying, definitely makes this the best hair gel for men who have more voluminous locks and know how to work with them. We don’t recommend for anyone who struggles to get their look right first time round, because it might be tricky to alter it!

3. American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

This super-sized high quality product from American Crew takes third place on our list.

Said to work well on both wet and dry hair, you can throw it on straight out of the shower if you’re in a rush of a morning. As with the previous gel it’s alcohol free, but also boasts additional natural extracts that help improve your hair’s condition all while making it look fantastic.

The hold is fabulous – you won’t ever have to worry about your style drooping mid-day with American Crew! Overall, a highly recommended product for the man on the go.

4. Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel

For flake-free style all day long, look no further then Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel.

If you’re looking for a product that gives you more control over your look, even halfway through the afternoon, this could be the gel for you. It offers superior pliability in combination with extreme hold, as well as being free of alcohols. Your hair will never look or feel as good!

If you’re worried about excess product build up, then this is a great option. Even though it’s thick, it doesn’t look too heavy and we reckon this is perfect for any hair gel fanatic.

5. Premium Styling Hair Gel

Packaged in a sleek bottle for maximum aesthetic value even when it’s not on your hair, this premium styling product from the Krieger + Söhne brand scored well with our experts.

This product offers excellent flexibility, to give you that ideal look you’ve been craving but to also allow you to mix it up depending on where you’re headed – off to a meeting? No problem! Going on a date? This gel can get you looking ready in seconds.

If you suffer with greasy or oily hair, we think this final product could be the one for you. It offers a non-flaky, non-greasy consistency that will fill you with confidence on a daily basis.

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