10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men 2022

Finding that your hair is receding at an accelerated rate is alarming for any man and often ends in a bout of panic buying. All that results from this is a lot of wasted time and money. This is especially unfortunate because there is a huge range of products available to prevent hair loss but also, and more importantly, to regrow lost hair.

To make sure buyers don’t end up with a product that won’t generate the results that they want, we have created a list of the best hair growth products for men and collected together all of the information you will need to choose between the various options.

What to Consider

Before you look over our list, you should get to know how we have differentiated between the various types of hair growth products. Here are the included types of treatments and exactly what you need to know about them.

  • Oil. This is a treatment that will often be left in for several hours or overnight. Oil has been used for hair growth for a long time and has been shown to have noticeable effects on hair. It should be noted, however, that this is a messy treatment and will require a shower cap and patience when removing the oil from your hair.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are self-explanatory but you should pay very close attention to the active ingredient that promotes hair growth. If you are unsure about what results to expect, you should always consult an expert’s review of the product.
  • Supplement.  Keeping yourself and your hair healthy is often the answer to hair loss problems. By including these supplements in your diet, you can see amazing results.
  • Topical Treatment. This is the most direct approach and is sprayed onto the parts of your head that you would like to see more growth. These products are for more extreme situations but they are very easy to use.

Top 10 Hair Growth Products for Men Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Organic Castor Oil for Hair GrowthOil$4.8
2. Tahe Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning TreatmentssConditioner$4.5
3. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating ShampooShampoo$$$$4.4
4. Art Naturals Sulfate Free Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss ShampooShampoo$$4.3
5. Hair Growth Botanical Scalp TreatmentTopical Treatment Solution$$$4.3
6. Infinite Growth - Hair Regrowth Treatment for MenTopical Treatment Solution$$$$4.1
7. asGro: Natural Hair Growth VitaminsSupplement$$$$4.0
8. Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for MenTopical Treatment Solution$$4.0
9. Men's Rogaine Foam, Three Month SupplyTopical Treatment Solution$$$3.8
10. Hair Growth Vitamins SupplementSupplement$$3.7

Understanding Men’s Hair Growth Products

The key to getting the best product for hair regrowth is to understand what the ingredients will be in each of the options included on our list. While our selection does differ greatly, there are three main categories of ingredients that the products can be split into.

Here are the main ingredient groupings:

  • Finasteride. This is a specific ingredient that targets only male pattern baldness. This is used to both combat hair loss and also regain the thickness of the remaining hair.
  • Minoxidil. As the most famous, it is the main ingredient in Rogaine, this is the chemical that is the most common. It was originally designed to lower blood pressure but it was discovered it was an effective treatment for hair loss. It has been tested the most out of all of the options and has been shown to be highly effective for both men and women.
  • Organic. For those that don’t want to opt for the harsher chemicals there is a range of organic options. These focus on nourishing your hair with vitamins and essential oils. This, in turn, promotes growth. While these options are not completely tested, they are showing promising results and provide a great alternative option.

Top 3 Best Hair Growth Products for Men Reviews

1. Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Using Rain Lille Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth is easier than you might think. You can add it to any moisturizing products you already use or can apply the oil directly to your scalp and head a half hour before showering.

Not only does this oil promote growth, but it also has many skin benefits too that will keep your scalp healthy. This means any inflamed skin or blemishes will be remedied and the moisture in the oil means the elimination of any possible dandruff too.

The pump that comes with the oil makes it an incredibly convenient and easy product to use. This is highly recommended for men and women with both long and short hair.  This feature also makes it easy to use the oil in the way that you want by using it solo or adding it to other products in your routine.

2. The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer

The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning Treatment is one of the best overall hair health solutions you can use. This conditioner can be used on any type of hair and for any length, which makes it a great solution for both men and women.

This conditioner has the oils and ingredients in it to moisturize hair, restore essential nutrients to your hair and scalp and promote growth and regrowth too. Using this product will mean having strong, better-looking, thicker hair without using harsh chemicals to get the results.

In addition to reliable results and great performance, this product also smells pleasant and will make your hair soft overall. Your scalp will feel refreshed and dandruff-free as you use this conditioner more and more.

3. Ultrax Labs Stimulating Shampoo

What makes Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Growth Stimulating Shampoo one of the best hair growth products for men is the fact that it is easy to use on a daily basis. It doesn’t take any extra or special efforts to make it part of your daily routine.

The combination of ingredients that has gone into making this shampoo means that it produces real results rather than the quick fix or non-results of other products. This is a product that can also be used for brittle hair.

This is not an instant solution. The shampoo will take some time to work and for the best results should be used consistently for a month before assessing the progress.

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