10 Best Safety Razors 2022

Searching for a new safety razor can be a daunting task, made only more confusing by the huge range of products available on the market at the moment. Currently back in style, due to their lower price, it’s easy to understand why you’d want to make the effort to find a good one!

Here’s our comprehensive guide to take you through the best products on the market, helping you can find the best safety razor for your needs.

Things to Consider

  • The Type of Safety Razor to Choose. While it may seem tempting to delve right in at the deep end and invest in the fanciest and most professional looking safety razor, it could end in tears – and more than a few cuts and scratches if you’re not careful! Therefore, choosing the correct type for your skill level is important.

If you’ve never used a safety razor before, instead having stuck with cartridge razors or even disposables, then you should look for one which offers a milder shave. This means that less of the blade is exposed, leading to less chance of you cutting yourself. Milder razors are usually comprised of more pieces and are non-adjustable.

If you’re well versed in the art of safety razor shaving though, you’re probably going to be ok to start off with a more aggressive razor. These, as opposed to milder razors, are often adjustable and expose more of the blade as you shave. Still handle them with care though!

  • Face Shape. It seems like a trivial thing to take into consideration, but it’s really very important if you want to get the most out of your safety razor. The bigger the head, the bigger the razor needed – after all, there’s no point buying a cumbersome safety razor if you only have a rather small face.

Similarly, if you have large hands, make sure you choose a product with a longer handle!

Top 10 Safety Razors Comparison Table

PictureNameHandle LengthPriceRating (1-5)
Handle Length
Rating (1-5)
1. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety RazorShort$$4.8
2. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge RazorShort, heavy duty$$4.7
3. Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety RazorShort$$$$4.7
4. Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic "Barber Pole" Long Safety RazorLong, ‘barber pole’ style$$4.7
5. Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor Kit for MenShort$4.7
6. Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorLong$4.6
7. Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety RazorShort and matte finish$$$4.5
8. WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety RazorLong$4.5
9. Best Double Edge Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit by ShaveologyShort$$4.5
10. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety RazorShort$$4.5

Buying Information

  • What Does Aggressiveness Mean? Aggressiveness refers to how harsh the razor is on the skin when shaving. A very mild razor typically causes less irritation, and while it isn’t as sharp, it’s much safer and easier to use for a beginner.

An aggressive safety razor is quite the opposite. It will have more of the blade exposed at any one time to the skin, making for arguably a closer and quicker shave but also can lead to nicks and cuts. These are good for skilled shavers and men with thicker or denser facial hair.

Alternatively, go somewhere in the middle and get a medium aggressiveness safety razor – these are the perfect combination of the two aforementioned types and could prove to be the best safety razor for you.

  • Weight of the Razor. While this is very much something that comes down to personal preference, it’s extremely important to buy a razor that is comfortable to hold and sits well in your hand. If you choose one that is too top or bottom heavy, it could throw your shaving all off, but one that’s too light means you might press down too much and cause damage to your skin.
  • Single or Double Edge? A single edge safety razor is a once in a blue moon find nowadays, that offers a much harsher shave and uses just the one, thicker and larger blade. They offer a vintage feel, sure, but you might find it difficult to find.

Double edged safety razors are, on the other hand, the most common type of safety razor nowadays and can be found all over the place. They, unsurprisingly, use two blades that are not quite as sharp as a single edge razor but are much safer.

  • Adjustable or Non-Adjustable? If you choose an adjustable safety razor it means you have more control over the mobility of the head itself and how it moves across your face. You can also alter the aggressiveness of the shave. The more aggressive the shave, the closer it will be, but also the trickier it will be to do well.

If you go for a non-adjustable safety razor, you will have far less control over the aggressiveness of the shave. The head of the razor should, therefore, not move and bobble around when you are shaving with it.

Top 5 Best Safety Razor Reviews

1. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Earning the top spot on our list, this Swedish produced, top quality safety razor – the Vikings Blade brand ‘Chieftain Safety Razor’.

Featuring a butterfly head for easy razor changing and including its own nifty little storage box with added mirror and extra blades, you’ll not regret purchasing this top notch, but economically priced safety razor.

We recommend this double edged razor for the safety shaving beginners, given that it comes with back up blades and a few added extras. Equally, it would make the perfect gift for the grooming fanatics in your life.

2. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

Merkur is a huge brand on the safety razor scene, so it’s not a huge surprise that they’ve nabbed the one of the top (and many of the subsequent) spots on our best safety razor guide. This heavy-duty blade scored high with many users.

Due to its stubby handle, we would recommend this primarily to men, rather than women as it could prove difficult for female grooming habits. However, the chrome plated zinc alloy certainly gives it a great, weighty feeling in the hand and let’s you know you’re buying quality.

Perfect for men who’ve safety shaved before and know what’s what, this is one of Merkur’s best.

3. Seki Edge Feather Double Edge Safety Razor

Made entirely from stainless steel, this double edged safety razor is also an excellent choice.

With a mottled handle for added grip, you needn’t worry about shaving with slippery hands with the Seki Edge Feather model, as the chances of it slipping between your fingers are slim to none. Produced in Japan, this is a beautifully mild shaving razor that still offers all over smoothness with every use.

Due to its low aggressiveness, this is the perfect started blade for those just getting into the safety razor trend.

4. Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole”

Another Merkur model and another aesthetically pleasing safety razor snags the fourth spot – the Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic is just that, a classic.

First of all, it includes the exquisitely detailed barber pole style handle, which sets it apart from the crowd if you’re interested in looks as well as functionality. Furthermore, it offers a long handle and a chrome finish which tops off a brass interior.

This is our recommendation for women who want to try out safety razor shaving for themselves.

5. Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor Kit

This is a safety razor that has it all, including a cute travel/ storage case, spare razor blades and an extremely grippy handle.

The textured handle will help you avoid dropping this in the shower, and the gentle shave it offers is great for those of you with sensitive skin who want to avoid as much razor burn and nicks as possible.

We highly recommend the Smoothere Safety Razor kit for those who are always on the move and need something they can transport with them easily.

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