10 Best Beard Trimmers 2022

For centuries, men have had to care for their beards by cutting and shaving them on a regular basis. However, over the past few decades, shaving one’s beard has evolved into an actual art form. Today, beard trimming is complex and requires a lot of time, patience and the best tools to get the job done right.

When it comes to male grooming, the best beard trimmer will certainly facilitate the process. However, there isn’t just one trimmer that rules them all; each man has his different preferences. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 10 beard trimmers, so you choose the best trimmer for your needs among the best on the market.

Top 10 Beard Trimmers Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100Cordless & Corded$$4.3
2. Conair Corded Beard and Mustache TrimmerCorded$4.3
3. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming KitCordless$$4.2
4. Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Men's Body Groomer With Beard TrimmerCordless$$4.1
5. Panasonic Milano All-in-One TrimmerCordless$$$4.1
6. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men's Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble TrimmerCordless$$4.0
7. TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper KitCordless$$4.0
8. Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200Cordless$$$3.9
9. Wahl Beard Cord/Cordless Rechargeable TrimmerCordless & Corded$$3.9
10. Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Grooming KitCordless$$$3.8

Different Types of Beard Shavers

Beard shavers are not all alike and even the best beard trimmer in the world will be perfect for one man and horrible for another. The key to a successful shave is knowing what works the best with your beard style and skin type. We’re going to explore the various types of beard trimmers so you can quickly identify the type that’s best suited for your needs.

  • Straight Razor. One of the oldest beard trimmers in the world is the straight razor. This is the number one option if you have a ton of barber skills and want the closest shave imaginable. However, without the proper skills, handling this bad boy is extremely difficult and time-consuming.
  • Safety Razor. The safety razor is a great option for men who want a clean shave without the complexity of a straight razor. These are often found in the form of disposable or cartridge razors. However, if you simply want to trim your beard, this is not the best option for you.
  • Rotary Blade Shavers. Beard trimmers with three circles are called rotary beard shavers. These shavers require you to make circular movements on your face and can provide a quick and efficient shave. However, there are fewer height adjustments available on these and they are often rougher on sensitive skin.
  • Foil Shavers. Foil shavers consist of numerous knives hidden below a metallic foil. These rectangular shavers offer similar benefits of rotary blade shavers and often comes with waterproof membranes, allowing you to use them in the showers.
  • Comb Beard Trimmers. Comb beard trimmers are great if you plan on actually keeping your beard. They come with various comb lengths, allowing you to precisely control the desired length of your beard. Some even have built-in length selectors, preventing you from having to store a bunch of combs. These come either corded or cordless.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference. If you want a clean shave every day, opt for a safety razor, rotary blade or foil shaver. On the other hand, if you want to maintain a beard without removing it entirely, a comb beard trimmer is the best option. If you really want to spend weeks learning the wonderful art of straight razor shaving, it could be a fun option, but patience is required and prepare yourself for eventual cuts.

Tips for Choosing a Good Beard Trimmer

Now that you know all of the different types of beard trimmers, you’ll need to understand the various features that are available to choose from. Not all beard trimmers offer the same features, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before buying the first trimmer you see. We’re going to provide a brief overview of the main features to look for when buying your next beard trimmer.

Corded vs. Cordless

There is great debate over whether you should opt for a corded beard trimmer or a cordless one. Corded trimmers occasionally offer more power and never run out of power. However, cordless shavers offer more versatility and don’t have an annoying cord in the way while you shave. Cordless trimmers also last much longer than they once did, with most trimmers lasting several shaves on a single charge. In the end, the best option is usually cordless unless you plan on always using the trimmer in the same spot and you don’t mind the cord.

Power & Battery Life

The power will determine how many facial hairs get removed in a single pass. The more powerful the battery, the more beard gets removed. Battery life also goes hand in hand with battery power. You’ll want to make sure you get a powerful battery that can last several shaves, but you’ll also one a battery that delivers enough power. Most cordless beard trimmers come with a charging dock, so it recharges every time it’s placed on the dock, allowing you to never run out of batteries during a shave.

Waterproof Trimmer

One of the greatest features available on cordless beard trimmers is the ability to use it with water. Waterproof trimmers can be used in the shower, on a wet face and with shaving products. However, the greatest advantage of buying a waterproof beard trimmer is when it comes time to wash it. Washing a trimmer that can be fully immersed in water is much easier to do. Simply rinse off the beard trimmings stuck in the trimmer and you’re good to go!

Adjustable Comb Attachments

Choosing a beard trimmer with adjustable comb attachments is one of the wisest moves you could possibly make. Adjustable combs allow you to precisely choose trimming lengths so you can choose whether you want to chop off a lot, a little or anything in between. This is especially useful if you plan on keeping your beard and want the proper tools for maintaining it. Some beard trimmers have external combs that can be placed on top of the trimmer. However, a good beard trimmer will have internal length selections, allowing you to get the same results without having to store tons of different comb sizes.

Top 5 Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100

One of the best options available on the market is the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100. This beard trimmer has 5 comb attachments, providing you with complete control over the length of your beard while trimming it. The included nose attachment allows this shaver to double as a nose hair trimmer.

Along with the 5 attachments, this beard shaver has 18 different length settings for complete customization. This fully waterproof beard trimmer can easily be used in the shower and you can easily wash it after every use.

With a 10-hour charge, this trimmer can last up to 35 minutes while in use, providing you with the ability to use it for several shaves. With great versatility in a lightweight and comfortable trimmer, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 is definitely worth considering!

2. Conair Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmer

The Conair Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmer is another amazing option to consider when searching for a quality beard trimmer. This trimmer is equipped with a stainless steel removable blade, which makes cleaning it incredibly simple.

As a corded trimmer, it provides amazing power and performance. Dual jawline combs are provided for precision trims and detailing. With five adjustable positions, you will be able to carefully trim your beard to the precise length of your choice.

If you’re looking for an amazing durable and efficient beard trimmer and you don’t mind having to deal with a cord, the Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer is one of the best options currently available.

3. Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit

Another excellent trimmer to consider is the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit. This beard trimmer is equipped with 8 attachments including a nose/ear trimmer, detail trimmer, hair clipper and more.

With surgical steel blades, durability and cut precision is at its highest level. These blades are self-sharpening, providing you long-lasting blades that don’t wear out. The included storage pouch makes it easier than ever to bring this during travels.

One of the major perks of this shaver is the impressive lithium powered battery that has a 65-minute runtime per charge. Take a look at the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 trimmer if you’re looking for an all-around shaver with excellent quality parts.

4. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-In-1

One of the best beard trimmers on the market is the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1. This trimmer is a complete set that lets you trim your mustache, beard, details and all other body hair with simplicity. It includes the main trimmer, a ProGlide Power cartridge and three combs for ultimate control.

This beard trimmer is completely waterproof, allowing you to use it in the shower and making it super easy to keep clean. Detailing has never been as easy as with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler, which features a slim and easy to maneuver frame.

If you’re looking for a mix of regular razors along with precision electric trimming, you’re going to love this 3-in-1 set by Gillette. It delivers the best of both worlds and is one of the best travel trimmers available.

5. Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer

With 19 trim adjustable settings, the Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer ER-GB40-S is one of the best beard groomers on the market. It features a lightweight design with a rubber grip, so you can have more control over your trimming sessions.

The adjustable settings are built-in, allowing you to rapidly select various trim lengths without having to carry around various combs. You can even use it in the shower and can easily be wiped clean after each shave.

One of the major benefits of this cordless trimmer is that a single 1-hour charge can provide up to 50 minutes of continuous cutting power.

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