10 Best Beard Combs 2022

If you’re currently sporting a fashionable beard but wondering how on earth you’re going to keep it in check, look no further than this guide! We’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down the top combs on the market so you don’t have to.

We know it can be tricky to know where to begin but our guide will help you to find the best beard comb.

Top 10 Beard Combs Ultimate Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective SleeveSandalwood$$4.9
2. Kent - The Handmade CombPlastic$$4.8
3. Wooden Beard Comb & Case from Striking VikingSandalwood$$4.8
4. Rugged Chuck Beard CombPear wood$4.7
5. Beard Comb - Natural Organic Sandal WoodSandalwood$$4.7
6. Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb - One of a Kind Wood Beard Comb HandmadePear wood$$4.6
7. Go-Comb - Wallet Comb - SleekStainless Steel$$4.6
9. Mr Rugged Pocket Beard Comb - Wide and Fine Teeth SidesPear wood$$4.6
10. EQLEF® Green sandalwood no static handmade combSandalwood$4.5


Much debate exists over which material is the superior one for your chosen beard comb, however in many cases it comes down to personal preference.

By far the most prevalent and arguably best beard comb material is wood and this is often the best for longer beards or thicker beard hair, as you’ll find the teeth are wider apart and allow for greater tangle teasing.

However, many people prefer the bone or horn versions. Arguably, these add a little class to your beard grooming regime, and can also be great for longer, thicker beards.

Plastic and metal options are also available, and are often cheaper; however, your beard can suffer from the harshness or cheap construction of these combs and you may find you’re pulling out more hair than you ought to be.

Our guide includes a selection of many materials, so there’ll definitely be something to suit your beard and preferences.

Size of Beard/ Hair Type

As mentioned above, the longer and thicker your beard the less effective the plastic and metal combs are going to be. You will need to look for wider toothed comb options if you know your facial curls can be problematic.

Those shorter bearded gentlemen, or who have finer hair, can get away with narrower toothed combs and possibly some of the cheaper materials available on the market. Proceed with caution when making this crucial decision though.

Top 3 Best Beard Comb Reviews

1. Dual Action Beard Comb

This incredible Hunstman Beard Co. is made from sandalwood scented wood, a sturdy material that will hold up to the wear and tear of daily life and, of course, keep your beard groomed to perfection.

Unlike plastic options, it won’t snag your beard and it also includes two comb widths. Therefore, you can continue to use it even as your beard grows out and you need a wider toothed option!

This comb is also notable for offering exceptional beard oil distribution, which will help keep your beard in the tip top shape that you’ve come to expect.

The presentation is impeccable also, as it comes in a classy presentation box and with a faux leather slip to keep it safe. We think this beard comb would make an excellent option for all styles and lengths of beards and it’s highly recommended!

2. Kent the Handmade Comb

Kent is a big hitter on the beard comb scene and predominantly crafts their combs out of plastic. Some are higher quality then others and this is definitely one of them – the plastic offers a more affordable option while not bending under or feeling flimsy when used.

This comb also features two different teeth widths, albeit on the same side. We think this comb is perhaps the best option for those who have shorter, more easy to manage beards and simply want a cheaper option to take with them on the go.

3. Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb & Case

Our third comb and second wood option is this one from Striking Viking.

The Striking Viking brand option comes with its own faux leather carry case for when you want to take it with you on the go.

As stated by the manufacturers, it doesn’t have the associated static issue that many plastic combs can face and it also offers superior durability in many ways. Made from sandalwood, the fresh scent is also a definite bonus of choosing this comb.

As it also has a dual comb feature, this would be the best beard comb option for the beard novice or the beard expert. It can handle all thicknesses and sizes of beard and does so with style.

Undoubtedly a fantastic product!

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