10 Best Beard Conditioners 2022

There’s nothing better in life than a silky smooth beard, but this can’t be achieved easily. Instead you have to spend precious time hunting down the best beard conditioner for you, which will get you on your way to smoothness in no time.

We’ve taken the fuss out of looking though; our comprehensive guide has pulled together the top beard conditioning products on the market.

Top 10 Beard Conditioners Ultimate Table

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner113ml (but larger sizes available)$$$4.8
2. Zeus Beard Conditioner Wash for Men236ml$$$4.7
3. Mr. Rugged Beard Lotion Conditioner113ml$$$4.5
4. Fat Savage Premium Masculine Scent Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner~ 60ml$4.5
5. Beardsley Ultra Conditioner236ml$$$4.4
6. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner~ 6oml$$4.4
7. All American Gentlemen Salve, Beard Balm and Mustache Wax Supports Growth~ 6oml$4.3
8. Wild Willie's Beard Balm-Leave In Conditioner Beard Butter~ 150ml$$4.3
9. Beard Conditioner for Men - Natural Wax Conditioning Softener~ 60ml$$4.2
10. Slam Bam Beard Balm & Conditioner for Beard~ 60ml$$$4.1

Dandruff Sufferer?

If you’re afflicted with dandruff – you can get it in your beard as well as your scalp – you might want to look for beard conditioners that offer anti-dandruff properties. There’s nothing worse than a flaky face!

Many of the options on the list are anti-dandruff, so you can rest assured that with these conditioners, your dandruff-y days will be over!

Aside from the dandruff, beard conditioners in general will help eliminate the awful beard itch that so many beard-growers are afflicted with, as they maintain the beard sufficiently hydrated.

Sensitive Skin?

If you suffer from sensitive skin or have problems with skin care products in general, you don’t want to douse your beautiful beard in products stuffed full of damaging chemicals that can irritate the skin. Maybe try looking out for products that don’t feature parabens, as they can cause more problems.

If this sounds like you, you should check out the beard conditioner products that are made of all-natural ingredients and are marked as hypo-allergenic. They won’t irritate the skin and they’ll help tame the frizz of your unruly beard.

Scented or Unscented?

Most beard conditioners are scented, and smell divine more often than not, so if you’re a fan of fragrance you’ll be OK.

However, if you’re not a fan of heavily scented products, be careful which beard conditioner you choose, as they are more often than not scented. You can get some scent-free options though.

Top 3 Best Beard Conditioner Reviews

1. Polished Gentleman Shampoo and Conditioner

Our highest rated option is the Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Thickening Conditioner, which also comes with a matching shampoo, for a very reasonable price.

Made from organic ingredients, it promotes hair growth making it perfect for the newbie beard grower who wants to speed along the process of cultivating the perfect beard. It has tea tree, argon oil and eucalyptus, so you’ll feel fresh after each use too.

When used correctly, you can reduce itching, irritation and soften that beard hair right up. Imagine not having to worry about scratching your beard every five minutes because the itch was just unbearable?!

We think this is a great option for those who want to improve the thickness of their beard while keeping the hair they do have smooth and frizz free in the meantime.

2. Zeus Beard Conditioner Wash

The aptly named Zeus Beard Conditioner Wash For Men is a delightfully scented product that you’ll love to rub into your beard on a daily basis.

It is available in a larger packet than many of the conditioners on the list and with this conditioner, you know you’ve got enough to last you for months potentially. It really would make a great investment and it’s still remarkably well priced, considering.

Not a leave-in conditioner, you’re supposed to rinse this out to get the softness and frizz-free result you seek. It’s also a perfect option for those who suffer from facial dryness, dandruff or even break outs, as it will help clear up all of these problems.

We recommend this beard conditioner for those men with longer beards who need to tame them, plus those who suffer from skin problems.

3. Mr. Rugged Beard Lotion Conditioner

Do you suffer from split ends in your beard? Think it looks a bit straggly? Well, look no further than this highly rated Mr. Rugged brand beard conditioner, as it is proven to help combat this all too common issue. It also repairs, softens and protects as well!

It is free of sodium chloride and parabens, making it perfect for men with more sensitive skin who are prone to breakouts.

It also contains silicones, which help the beard stay protected against heat without weighing it down in the same way that certain oils have a tendency to. Pro Vitamin B5 also help to calm the frizz that many beards can suffer from. You’ll feel sleek after each use of this conditioner.

We think this is arguably the best beard conditioner for those men who suffer from frizz and have sensitive skin. Highly recommended!

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