6 Best Calvin Klein Colognes 2022

While there are more and more choices available when it comes to cologne, there are very few that offer the diversity and the level of quality that Calvin Klein does. This designer has a huge variety of different scents that range from being geared for men or women to their unisex options.

The fact that there is such a wide variety and all of the fragrances are of the highest quality, it can be very difficult to choose between them. To make the decision as easy as possible, we have created a list of the best Calvin Klein cologne options and brought together all of the information you need to choose from this selection.

What to Look For

On our list, we have provided two main types of Calvin Klein fragrances and it is important to know the difference between them.

  • Eau de Toilette. This is what most individuals would associate with the term “cologne”. These types of fragrances usually contain between 7%-10% essence. This means that they usually have a lighter scent that is both refreshing and fleeting.

The top notes, the first part of the fragrance that you smell, are the most dominate.

  • Eau de Parfum. For those that want a fragrance that will linger, then you should opt for an eau de parfum. The essence concentration will range between 10%-20%. It is not quite as strong as traditional perfume but the focus is on longer-lasting smells.

After the top notes fade the heart notes take over. This is where eau de parfum really shines.

Top 6 Calvin Klein Colognes Comparison

PictureNameCharacterPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Calvin Klein OBSESSION for Men Eau de ToiletteSpicy and citrusy with botanical notes.$$$4.6
2. Calvin Klein ck one Eau de ToiletteSubtle and fresh with earthy undertones.$$$4.5
3. Calvin Klein OBSESSION Eau de ParfumFloral, intense and warm.$$$$4.5
4. Truth by Clavin Klein for men , Eau De Toilette SprayNatural, lush and exotic.$4.5
5. Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men Eau de ToiletteWoody, crisp and warm.$$$4.4
6. Calvin Klein euphoria for Men Eau de ToiletteCrisp, spicy and creamy.$$4.3

Choosing a Calvin Klein Cologne for You

Before you choose from any of the types of cologne on our list you should carefully consider the following:

  1. Age. While this isn’t necessarily the main characteristic that you should focus on, it should certainly factor into your decision. Just as clothing or music taste has an acceptable age limit, various scents do too. A very general rule of thumb is, the more exotic or muskier the fragrance the older the gentleman should be.
  1. Event. You should think about when you will be wearing the scent. Even the highest quality of Calvin Klein cologne will be wasted if it is suited for a different type of occasion. For instance, wearing a casual fragrance during a business meeting should be avoided.
  1. Season. The fragrances on our list vary in their suitability depending on the time of year. The crisper the cologne, the more it is suited for summer and when it is woodsy, it is better for winter.

Top 3 Best Calvin Klein Cologne Reviews

1. Calvin Klein OBSESSION Eau de Toilette

One of the most important reasons to wear Obsession Eau de Toilette is that it is an incredibly memorable scent. It is one that is also quite widely liked too, which is unusual for any cologne.

Once you have tried this scent once, you will definitely be hooked. It is a good fragrance to get hooked on as well considering it is one that is always around and can always be found. This is great news for anyone that has ever fallen in love with limited edition colognes that can never be found again.

The overall aroma could be described as spicy and sensual, which is why it is easily the best Calvin Klein cologne for a range of occasions and for the wearer to leave their mark.

2. Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

CK one Eau de Toilette is one of the most refreshing scents you could have in your cologne collection. While this does have citrusy hints to it, it is also an incredibly manly option too.

This is definitely a scent that you should buy in a larger size. It is one that mixes well with any scented body wash or lotion you might use. It combines well but will also be the more dominating scent, which is exactly what any wearer would want.

Considering how well this cologne works as a daily option, it won’t last very long but that is ok considering the relatively affordable price.

3. Calvin Klein OBSESSION Eau de Parfum

Obsession Eau de Parfum is a powerful and delightful scent that has and will be around for a very long time. The aromas include hints of vanilla and mandarin orange as well as floral tones.

This is definitely a subtler scent but it isn’t overly fruity or floral, it is a more powerful scent that would suit any woman that wants to make a statement with her perfume without it being overpowering.

The color of this perfume is quite nice to add to your collection too as it looks like a spiced rum and has an overall warming quality.

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