6 Most Popular Men’s Colognes 2022

Getting the right cologne and wearing it at the ideal time is key to leaving your mark. As they say, a good cologne will mean people remember you, a bad cologne will mean they will definitely remember you.

As this purchase is so important, it is crucial to get the right information before you buy. This is particularly difficult when it comes to choosing a cologne because there is such a wide variety and it largely comes down to personal preference.

To help guide you through all of the choices, we have created this guide with all of the information you need and some of the most popular men’s cologne options on the market.

Things to Consider About Popular Men’s Cologne

Here are some things to think about whilst looking at the list of the most popular colognes.

  • Range. Most manufacturers will release several limited edition scents and new ranges on a regular basis. These should be avoided at all costs. The worst possible thing is to choose a cologne and then have it discontinued. Opt for classics that have been produced for many years, to ensure you’ll always have access to your favorite cologne.
  • Test It Out. Many men make the mistake of choosing a cologne after smelling several different brands at once. Follow these basic steps to avoid making a buying error:
    • Preliminary. Smell the cap of the bottle to get an idea of the scent.
    • Skin Test. Spray some on your skin to let it mix with your own pheromones.
    • Reviews. Check expert reviews for the opinions of those that know what they are talking about and also to get information about the longevity of the cologne’s scent.

Top 6 Popular Men’s Colognes Chart

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Tommy Hilfiger By TOMMY HILFIGER 3.4 oz Cologne Spray For Men3.4 oz.$$$4.6
2. Tommy Hilfiger By TOMMY HILFIGER 3.4 oz Cologne Spray For Men4 oz.$4.6
3. Paul Sebastian By Paul Sebastian For Men4 oz.$$4.5
4. Tabac Original By Maurer & Wirtz For Men. Eau De Cologne Splash10.1 oz.$4.4
5. LUCKY YOU by Liz Claiborne Cologne for Men3.4 oz.$$$$4.3
6. Halston 1-12 by Halston for Men, Cologne Spray4.2 oz.$4.3

How to Choose a Popular Men’s Cologne

Choosing the right cologne comes down to three main factors. You should always consider the following before making the final decision:

  • Age. While this shouldn’t be the main deciding factor, it is certainly something that you can keep in mind. We all know the smells that are associated with younger individuals and those more mature scents that suit an older gentleman.
  • Event. Just like your attire can portray your intentions, your cologne will do exactly the same. The last thing that a man wants is to attend a business meeting smelling as if he is going out for a night on the town. Always ensure that your cologne suits the specific event you are attending.
  • Season. It is crucial to remember that the most fashionable cologne changes with the season. The musky tones of winter can certainly overpower a summer’s day and the light ones of summer will not give you the cozy feelings of winter.

Top 3 Most Popular Men’s Cologne Reviews

1. Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Spray

The Tommy Hilfiger cologne is citrusy in all the right ways. This doesn’t smell similar to cleaning fluids as some other products might. It is really just the perfect hint that you won’t mind smelling on yourself all day long.

This cologne is not overly strong either. While the scent will linger for a long time, it will never be overpowering even when you overspray.

This is a great classic cologne to have in your collection. It is one that will be there when you want to switch things up and you can also use it as your daily go-to.

2. Coty Aspen EDC Spray

Aspen by Coty is a great daily-wear kind of cologne for men. This is one of the reasons it is amongst the most popular men’s cologne options.

The masculine scent of this cologne is never too much but it is always subtly present. After receiving countless compliments from various men and women about the scent, stocking up on the scent will be a no brainer.

If you want a cologne that you know you can go to for any occasion and one that isn’t overly common or recognizable, then this is perfect. Everyone will get a familiar feeling when they smell this on you, but the mystery of not knowing why is always alluring.

3. Paul Sebastian By Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian is a cologne that is more classic than anything else. It is attractive in the way that Old Spice is pleasant but is much more complex than that.

This is very potent cologne with a unique mixture of spices and aromas. This is probably why it is so appealing to women and manly in general. The vibrancy of the scent can be experienced long after it has been applied too.

Getting into this cologne is a bit of a commitment, however, as it is very likely that you will not want to wear any of the other ones you own ever again.

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