10 Best Shaving Brushes 2022

If you’re new to traditional shaving and all of the gear that goes with it, then our guide below will be helpful to you.

Here, we’re going to give you the lowdown on shaving brushes: the differences between the bristles, the terminology and we’ll highlight the best shaving brush choices for you, as well.

Anyone who is looking for a replacement brush will also find plenty of useful info, so scroll down to compare and contrast them!

Understand the Specs

Handle height, bristle width and density of the bristles all make a difference in your shaving experience, so understand what the terms mean when you’re searching for brushes so you can find the one that matches your needs:

  • Loft & Knot. The loft is the length of the bristles from base of the knot to the tip of the bristle.

The knot is the width of the brush on the base.

  • Handle. Some of you prefer a lengthy handle so that you have more surface area to grip, so pay attention to the handle height if that’s the case.

You’ll find that handles are made in a variety of materials: wood, chrome, metal or horn. What you’re aiming for is comfort, durability and sturdiness when you set the brush on its end.

It’s all about getting what feels most comfortable in your hand and on your face, so here are some of the top choices for you to compare and contrast!

Top 10 Shaving Brushes Table

PictureNameType of BristlesPriceRating (1-5)
Type of Bristles
Rating (1-5)
1. Parker Safety Razor Handmade DeluxeBadger$$$4.7
2. Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving BrushSynthetic$$4.7
3. Semogue 1305 Superior Boar Bristle Shaving BrushBoar$4.7
4. Super Large Silvertip Badger Shaving BrushBadger$$$$4.5
5. Omega 63171 Stripey 100% Pure Badger Shaving BrushBadger$$4.5
6. Shaveway 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush-EngineeredBadger$4.5
7. Omega Professional Boar Bristle Shaving BrushBoar$4.4
8. Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving BrushBadger$4.3
9. Parker Safety Razor 100% Black Badger Bristle Shaving BrushBadger$$4.3
10. Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving BrushHorse$$4.2

Types of Bristles

You have a few options when it comes to brush bristles and each kind makes a difference in lathering and application comfort:

  • Badger. Badger hair is one of the most common choices for shaving brush makers. These come in pure, best, super and silver tip categories.

Pure is the least expensive with more flexible bristles.
Best is a step up in quality from pure and has bristles that are slightly softer than the latter.
Super is quite soft and higher in price than the previous two.
Silver tip is the best badger hair shaving brush out there, along with a high price to boot!

  • Horse. These bristles are collected from the mane and the tail of the horse and not the hide like they are for badger and boar bristles.

In terms of stiffness, it’s somewhere in between badger and boar hair. These aren’t as common in North America, but in Spain they’re quite popular thanks to the Vie-Long brand made in said country.

  • Boar. Boar bristles are the coarsest out of all of them, making it the least comfortable on the skin until you can break the brush in.

With time and use, the bristle tips soften, but you’ll have to choose carefully if you want a durable boar brush that will last. It’s worth it to invest a little more initially for a quality brush than a cheap one that will probably fall apart.

  • Synthetic. If you’re not interested in using brushes that use animal hair, the best vegan/cruelty-free option is a brush made with synthetic bristles.

Some of the synthetic bristles perform just as well as the animal fur bristles; some users even preferring them to the latter (they’re usually softer).

These tend to be more cost-effective, they dry more quickly (which makes them a great choice for travel) and they won’t shed.

Top 3 Best Shaving Brush Reviews

1. Parker Safety Razor Handmade Deluxe

If you like a wide brush that offers you full coverage and you also prefer badger bristles, then the Parker Safety Razor BCPB brush is the perfect match.

Here are the brush specs:

  • Total Height – 104mm
  • Handle Height – 48mm
  • Loft – 56mm
  • Knot Diameter – 23mm

The handle is made of chrome and the heavy base helps is stand up on its own when you set it on the counter (which is great since with the wide head, you’d think it might tip).

It lathers well (provides you with a smooth, thick froth) and it also comes with a stand.

Is this the best badger hair shaving brush on our list? Yes and no. It’s great in terms of quality in the price range and those who use it certainly aren’t disappointed, but if you’re looking for top-of-the-line silver tip badger fur bristles, then you’ll want to check out number 4.

2. Parker Safety Razor BLSY Synthetic Brush

Parker also happens to make the best shaving brush made from synthetic hair on our list, as well, so if you’re looking for a cruelty-free option, then this is it!

This is one of the higher quality synthetic brushes with soft bristles, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Those who have been let down by more expensive brushes or those made with real animal fur find that quality this brush is surprisingly good. Very few bristles have been reported to fall out (even with daily use) and it will work you up a nice, thick lather.

The only info we found regarding the specs was the loft, which is said to be 56mm.

3. Semogue 1305 Superior Boar Bristle Brush

Last we have this boar bristle brush from Semogue. It features a painted beech wood handle

Here are the brush specs:

  • Total Height – 110mm
  • Handle Height – 55mm
  • Loft – 56mm
  • Knot Diameter – 22m

If you prefer a stiffer bristle, then this is ideal for you. It lathers well, it is constructed well and it’s not too expensive.

Those of you who prefer a softer bristle should have a look at the badger or synthetic options on our list!

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