10 Best Beard Brushes 2022

Growing a beard is the simplest thing in the world. Forget the dreaded morning shave, sit back and enjoy life and Hey Presto! A beard has grown in no time at all. But unless you want people giving you a wide berth in the street, you need to pay attention to the little matter of beard cleanliness and grooming. And that means you will need the best beard brush you can get.

When starting to grow a beard, people tend to use an ordinary hair comb. However, cheap plastic combs damage the hair and will lead to an uneven growth and a scruffy and unkempt appearance. For this reason, it is worth investing in a good beard comb to get through the first weeks but, after that, a good beard brush is an essential part of your basic toiletry kit.

What to Look for in a Good Beard Brush

Like the hair on your head, your beard hair will never do what you want it to do without a little persuasion. After a good night’s sleep, your beard will be in disarray. Crumpled, tangled, spouting in different directions and in need of a good brushing to get it back in shape. As well as that, after washing, the hairs natural oils will need to be replenished and distributed across your beard. But what are the things to look out for in the best beard brushes?

  • Bristles. Natural animal hair bristles are generally considered the best for beard brushes. Boar hair tops the list of preferred bristles but other animal hairs are also used. Some brushes now have wooden, plastic or metal bristles but these are generally inferior to natural animal hairs although there are some exceptions.
  • Hardness. Whether you choose an animal hair brush or not, it is important to consider the hardness of the bristle. Tough, wiry beards will need a firm or hard bristle while a soft bristle is better for short, soft beards.
  • Handle. A decision on whether you require a handle or a simple bristle brush mounted on a backing is a matter of preference.

Top 10 Beard Brushes Table

PictureNameBristle TypePriceRating (1-5)
Bristle Type
Rating (1-5)
1. Beard Brush for the Modern Gentleman by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.Moderately Firm Boar Hair$$$$4.8
2. Gentleman's Beard Brush for MenModerately Firm Boar Hair$$$4.8
3. Boar Bristle Beard BrushFirm Boar Hair$4.8
4. Beard Deluxe - Beard Brush For MenSoft Boar Hair$$$$4.8
5. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush for MenSoft Boar Hair$$$4.7
6. Spartans Den Beard Brush For MenFirm Boar Hair$$4.7
7. Beard Brush for Men by ZilberHaarFirm Boar Hair$$$4.7
8. The Zerian Boar Bristle Beard Brush for Men Bundle with Beard Care E-BookletModerately Firm Boar Hair$$$4.7
9. Classic 100% Soft Boar Bristles By My Best BeardSoft Boar Hair$$$4.7
10. Truly Genuine Man Beard Brush with Boar Bristles and Bamboo BaseModerately Firm Boar Hair$$4.7

Top 3 Best Beard Brush Reviews

1. Liberty Premium Grooming Co. Beard Brush

Not the cheapest beard brush you could buy but excellent quality and built to last. The Liberty Premium Grooming Company’s beard brush uses pure boar bristle which is generally accepted as being the best material for beard brushes. Experts agree that boar hair is perfectly suited for cleaning and softening beard hair and, as it is a natural product, it is also ideal for distributing your hair’s natural oils evenly throughout your beard.

The Liberty Premium brush looks almost identical to a normal hair brush which is great for those who prefer a brush with a handle. The brush itself is made from natural wood (European Beech according to the specs) and is sturdy and solid.

This brush is ideal for those of you just entering the world of beards but also for those of us with more than a Sonny Crockett (does anybody remember “Miami Vice”?) designer stubble. The moderately firm bristles have no problem penetrating the longest beard to sort out tangled roots and straighten out those early morning stray hairs that refuse to conform. A good brushing in the morning is more than adequate to keep even unruly beards in shape throughout the day and I have no hesitation in putting the Liberty Premium Grooming Company’s brush at the top of my best beard brush list.

2. Gentlemen’s Tools Beard Brush

The beard brush manufactured by Gentlemen’s Tools is a very close second to the Liberty brush but only by a hair’s width (bad joke…our apologies!) This is another 100% boar hair brush with a genuine wooden handle. Handle might not be the correct word as the Gentlemen’s Tools beard brush is more like a typical clothes brush with the bristles mounted on a wooden backing. For those of you of a “green” disposition, the wood used is eco-friendly bamboo.

Although some may prefer a brush with a long handle, this beard brush is easy to hold and use as it is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is grooved along the sides for a firmer grip. The boar’s bristles are fairly stiff but by no means hard and have no problem in penetrating even long beards. In fact, this brush is probably marginally better than the Liberty brush for penetration as it leaves the face and chin feeling relaxed after use. If you are using beard oil or wax, both of the brushes from Gentlemen’s Tools and Liberty are ideal as they both spread and distribute the oil or wax evenly throughout the beard.

The Gentlemen’s Tools beard brush is fairly small by some standards but that makes it ideal for travel and holidays. Well-built and top quality, this is a great brush and well worth its relatively low cost.

3. Huntsman Beard Company Beard Brush

You will hardly be surprised to learn that the Huntsman Beard Company’s beard brush is another boar bristle brush. The packaging states that this is a 100% bristle brush but it is a bit hard. It may be best to test it out to see if it suits your particular needs.

That’s one small gripe out of the way, the Huntsman beard brush merits consideration in any list of the best beard brushes. It is lightweight, around three ounces, but solidly built and fits snugly in the palm of the hand. Not only is it an above average brush for styling and shaping your beard but it also works well when applying beard oil, wax or gel.

All in all, the Huntsman Beard Company has come up with a great beard brush and, if it had a handle, it could well have topped my list of personal favorites.

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