6 Best Beard Waxes 2022

When it comes to styling your beard, you’ll find that a little wax goes a long way.

We know there are a lot of brands to choose from and you guys probably don’t have a lot of time to research them all (or maybe you do but you’d just rather cut to the good stuff today and get back to your favorite Netflix series), so on our list below, we’ll highlight the best beard wax brands for you.

Before You Choose

Before you set out in search for the best beard wax, you should ask yourself if you, indeed, need a wax.

There are many products that can be used to style your beard and none of them have the word “wax” in the title.

  • Beard Balm. You might be interested in a good beard balm rather than a wax, because in addition to adding styling options, the balm also conditions the hair follicles. A two-in-one solution for your beard.

If you need to style your beard so you can trim it into a certain shape, then beard balm is also an excellent choice.

  • Beard Wax. If you have some serious beard or moustache styling goals in mind, then wax is the way to go. Beard balm will provide you with a more flexible hold whereas wax allows you to shape and sculpt more easily. Honestly, a wax is probably better suited for shaping a moustache rather than a beard, unless you want to shape your beard into a bowtie or something extreme like that.

Another benefit to using a wax or a balm is that it will help protect your beard from the elements.

Top 6 Beard Waxes Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Honest Amish - Heavy Duty Beard Balm2 ounces$$4.4
2. Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Care Balm1.3 oz.$$4.4
3. B.I.G. 100% Organic Premium Beard Balm2 oz.$$$4.4
4. Grave Before Shave Beard Balm2 oz.$$4.3
5. Honest Amish Original Beard Wax2 oz.$4.2
6. Best Beard Balm & Beard Wax2 oz.$$$$4.0

Don’t Forget the Styling Utensils

Make sure you have some decent styling and beard care tools in your kit while you’re at it.

  • Comb. It’s important to get an anti-static comb so beard won’t look like you’ve just been struck by a bolt of lightning as soon as you pass it through the follicles. Solid wood combs are a good choice, but whatever you choose, just make sure that it is specifically designed for use on the beard and moustache.
  • Brush. Boar bristle brushes are a good choice, but the bristles and style of the brush really depend on your beard length and texture. We won’t get into too many details for the sake of the article that focuses on the best beard wax brands, but just remember to get a good brush!
  • Scissors. Don’t forget a pair of good scissors, too.

Top 3 Best Beard Wax Reviews

1. Heavy Duty Beard Balm

If you’re in need of a strong styling wax for your beard (perhaps you have a beard competition coming up or an interesting Halloween costume to pull off), then Honest Amish’s Heavy Duty Beard Balm is right up your alley.

Staying true to Honest Amish tradition, none of their products – this balm included – contain petrochemicals, fragrances or synthetic chemicals. They don’t tell you the exact ingredients used in the balm, but rather give you a list of all the ingredients they use for all of their products so you know what goes into their entire line of beard care products.

The public opinion is a good one. Even if you just need extra control for a particular look you’re trying to achieve, this balm will help you style and lightly condition your beard at the same time. It really helps tame those hairs with a mind of their own, too!

2. Professor Fuzzworthy’s

Those of you who went out searching for a wax and realized that it was too strong for your needs might like this beard balm and gloss from Professor Fuzzyworthy.

This will help you lightly shape your beard and make it more manageable while adding a bit of shine to the follicles.

The scent is pretty pleasant to most (manly) thanks to the mixture of oils and waxes (it has a mixture of jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, and essential oils from bay, rosemary, cedar wood, lime and eucalyptus).

This gives your beard a slight glossy shine and flexible hold. The scent it good but may be too strong (or unpleasant) to others. We liked it!

3. Premium Beard Balm

B.I.G. beard balm has the beeswax you need to send your wild, crinkly and frizzy hairs back into formation.

This is an organic product, containing beeswax, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil and grapeseed oil. It actually has a lot of ingredients that you’d find in a good beard oil, which help add shine and keep your beard soft.

Think of this as a three-in-one product: it styles, it moisturized and it adds shine. The spicy vanilla scent is light. Be careful or someone might just mistake your beard for a tasty cookie!

The only down side is the price. We’d say it’s worth it, though, based on all it can do for your beard.

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